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VoIP – Star Codes

There are numerous additional features on our VoIP system accessible via codes called “star codes”. Please see the list HERE for all the available star codes or by clicking the image/document below.

Here are some of the most commonly used star codes:

Park Call: ***
Agent Queue Login: *51
Agent Queue Logout: *52
Transfer directly to Voicemail: 03 <Extension Number> (Ex. 03110 where 110 is the extension number)
Pickup a Call From A Specific User (i.e. Directed Call Pickup): 07 <Extension Number> (Ex. 07110 where 110 is the extension number)

If you are having trouble please reach out to us 24/7 at 888-782-1454 or feel free to email us at during business hours (M-F 8AM to 4PM).

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