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SNAPmobile Web Smartphone

SNAPmobile Web Softphone

Purpose: The SNAPmobile web softphone gives you the ability to have your office/desk phone anywhere that you have access to a web browser. Make and take calls just as though you are in the office, your outbound calls will appear with your normal caller ID making it useful for travel and work from home scenarios. 

Requirements: A working computer with an up to date web browser such Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You will also need speakers and a microphone for the softphone to function, many newer laptops have these built in but for a desktop you will likely need external speakers and or a USB microphone or headset, e-vergent does not provide this equipment.


1. Log into the VoIP portal at with your username and password, the password was set up when you received your welcome email. If needed you can recover your login name and password so long as you have access to the email that was used to set up your account.

2. Navigate to the upper-right portion of the page and select the “Apps” dropdown and then select the “SNAPmobile Web” option. This will open a new tab, you can now close the portal tab if you would like. 

You will receive a number of prompts:

  1. You will be asked to identify a microphone and possibly an audio output option (speakers or headset), be sure to select the correct device and then press Allow. You must do this and have working devices or the phone will not register.
  1. If this is your first time logging in you will be asked if you want to receive calls on this phone/device. If you want the softphone to ring during incoming calls simultaneously with your other phone(s) select yes, if you just want to use it to make calls and not receive them choose no.

The upper right hand side of the screen should now show a green phone Icon (see below), and the phone is operational.

If it does not, here are a few possible reasons:

  1. You do not have a functioning microphone, please check that it is plugged in and that your computer is properly configured to utilize the hardware. Also ensure that you have allowed the browse permission to utilize the device as previously mentioned.

    Depending on your browser you can adjust these settings, click either the lock icon or microphone icon just to the left of the address bar. If you continue to have issues with the hardware please contact an IT professional. 
  2. You are running through a VPN, Terminal or other proxy. While these generally should work there are potential complications. If you are having these issues please turn them (VPN, Proxy, Terminal) off and try using the softphone, if it works contact your associated IT professional.
  3. Please ensure you have a compatible and up to date web browser installed as mentioned previously.

Softphone Usage

  1. You will now have access to your contacts, voicemail and call history on the left side of your window.
  2. To Make a call please hit the orange “plus” button in the lower right corner and then select the number pad icon just above it. Now you can dial a phone number. 

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