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Customize Phone Display Keys

How to Edit BLF / Custom Keys

1. log into with their login information (ext@DomainName + your password)

2. Choose the phone you would like to modify, this process varies based on if you are a regular user or an Office Manager (admin privileges)

a. Regular User – Choose the “Phones” icon at the top of the page

b. Office Manager – Choose the “Users” Icon, then select the user you want to edit, and then choose the “Phones” tab under that user

3. Select SNAPbuilder (gear icon)

4. Click a BLF key number in position 2 or greater and choose either “User (BLF)” to enter an internal user/extension,  “Speed Dial” if entering a cell or external number or “Call Park”

a. User (BLF) example – 

b. Speed Dial Example

b. Call Park example –

With any of these options you can edit the “Custom Label” field on the right side, this will be what your phone display shows. Note: Do not overwrite the “Line Appearance” in position one, this is required for the handset to work as its assign

5. Click the arrow next to the “Save” button and choose “Save and Re-sync” this will push the configuration to the phone. Polycom phones will reboot, Yealinks will just refresh. 

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