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VoiP User Portal

Getting Started – VoIP User Portal

Login to VoIP Portal

  1. Navigate to
  2. Login with your credentials. You should have received an email relating to your credentials when your phone was set up.
    1. ext@domain (ex. 101@ACME)
    2. Password (password configured in setup process)

You will arrive at a screen with several icons across the top.

Check Voicemail

  1. Select the “messages” tab at the top. 
    1. Voicemail – Here you can manage your messages
    2. Settings – Here you can manage your voicemail options including changing your greeting and name (directory listing). As well as adjusting your voicemail to email settings. 

Answering Rules

  1. Here you can modify and add answering rules  such as forwarding to a cellphone or choosing how to handle a missed call.

Key Configuration – SNAPbuilder

  1. Navigate to “Phones”
  2. Select the settings wheel to the right of your main phone (Polycom / Yealink)
  3. You can now click the line appearance number (2-12) and select a feature.
    1. User (BLF) – monitor an internal extension, can be used for faster transfers. 
    2. Speed Dial – Enter a phone number

Call history

View your made, answered and missed calls here.

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