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How to Set Up the CommandIQ App

CommandIQ App running on a cell phone

Included with your e-vergent router is a management application called CommandIQ. This app will allow you to manage your WiFi network and do things such as change the WiFI name and password, create groups of devices, apply parental controls such as scheduling all from your cell phone. 

Please click the image below for the How-To guide that will take you through downloading the app and connecting it to your router.

Once the app is installed you can download the complete CommandIQ user guide here. This guide will help you configure all the different functions and services that are available within the app.

We also offer more advanced parental controls called ExperienceIQ that allow you to limit time per application (TikTok, Youtube, etc) or device, as well as content screening (Violence, Drugs, Gambling, Nudity, etc). Additionally we offer an advanced security program called ProtectIQ that screens traffic for known threats and actively blocks and warns you about the activity.

Learn More!

Learn more about ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ here. If you are interested in these services or have additional question please reach out to us at 888-782-1454.

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