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Proper Placement of Your Router and Mesh

Calix U4 router

Placement of your router and mesh equipment is critical to ensuring your wifi will work reliably. For help pairing your mesh unit please to your router please see this page.

DO NOT Place the Router or Mesh:

  1. In a room separated from the rest of the home by dense building materials like concrete or brick.
  2. Near HVAC ducting
  3. Inside a cabinet or entertainment center.
  4. Next to other household devices that may emit signals that could interfere with your Wi-Fi signal; i.e. microwaves, baby monitors and cordless phones.
  5. Next to large metal household appliances, like a refrigerator, freezer, washer or dryer.
  6. On or near the floor; try to install the GigaSpire BLAST systems at eye level (or higher), ideally on a shelf.
  7. In a basement if other locations are available
  8. Behind a television


  1. Place the router at or above eye level. Just a foot or two of extra height can be the difference between clearing all or most cabinetry, seating, dressers, etc in a home.
  2. Place the router on the primary floor it will be used
  3. Test WiFi coverage and performance in all main usage areas after placement
  4. Use mesh units where they are needed
  5. Avoid the use of third party extenders/mesh units. 
  6. Take advantage of existing wiring when possible. 
  7. Use the Command IQ Application to monitor and manage your internal network

Note: On a new installation, our installers will do their best to find an optimal location for your router; however, every installation is different. Given time restraints we cannot guarantee that a specifically requested location will be viable. A basic installation does not include fishing of cable through internal walls or ceilings.

The router and mesh units used by e-vergent are intended to provide and extend coverage to areas inside the home or building. There are no guarantees that these products will extend coverage to devices primarily used outside the external walls of the home or building; i.e. garages (openers), security cameras and doorbells.

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