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How to change or record a voicemail greeting

From a computer or other internet connected device:

  1. Login at

  1. Once logged in, click on the tab labeled voicemail

  1. In the voicemail tab, scroll down until you see the header “Greetings”, then click on the speaker icon next to “Voicemail Greeting”.  

This will open a new window titled “Manage Greetings”.

  1. In Manage Greetings you can choose to upload a file containing a prerecorded greeting, or choose to record a new greeting. 
  2. If you choose record, a new window will appear requesting a greeting name and a number to call you at. Name your new greeting and enter your callback information, you can use any phone number that will receive a call. 

When you click the call icon you will receive a call at the number entered, when the call is answered, you will hear a message prompting you to record your new voicemail greeting.

  1. Once your new greeting is recorded, you will see it listed in the Manage Greetings window. You can choose done, or add another greeting using the steps outlined above.

To record a greeting from the phone:

  1. Call 5001 from your phone
  2. Enter your password, the default password is 1234
  3. Choose option 6 for the greetings menu
  4. Press 1 to record greetings, then choose the greeting you wish to record. You can start with greeting 1 and then record subsequent additional greetings if you need them (2,3,4…etc).  If you have an existing greeting on file, it will likely be greeting number 1.

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